In what are we the best in the business?

We are not just an ordinary accounting firm - we think about your business. Coming to work is our pleasure, we truly enjoy finding a solutions which save you not just money, but also a time. We believe in innovation and are in line with the latest trends - we are as paperless as possible. Welcome to Mourison!

Our services


Booking of the invoices to our accounting software is just a start for us. All handovers of the documents are via our secured server. With us, your accounting will always correct and without any hassle.

Tax Advisory

We will advise you on tax implications of your planned investments. We will help you to find tax optimalization for your acompany according to the latest law regulations.

Real live data

With us, you will have an access to the unique graphical dashboard with all of the important financial indicators of your company. No more boring tables - watch the performance of your company through the eyes of professionals!


Thanks to our experiences, we know how to use accounting as a powerful reporting tool. We know how to prepare budgets, evaluate deviations from set goals or prepare reporting materials for executives. 

Payroll agenda

We take care of the whole payroll agenda including the correct calculations of the taxes and insurances for your employees. We can advise you with employee benefits or show you the latest trends in remuneration.

Company valuation

Our valuations helped many companies conveniently buy and sell established firms. We are able to establish value of your business and help you to cash out your hard work. It is important to know true value of your business! 

Hotline help

You can use our hotline help - you can call us for a quick phone advisory. We make sure that our advise is always 100% correct. We are ready to help you anytime with quick advisory or with analysis of more complex issue.

Find out how much easy is transfer of your accounting to Mourison

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Why choose Mourison ?


Rocket transfer of your accounting

Transfer of your accounting to Mourison was never easier. 
We take care of everything so you can focus only on your business


Real-time online reporting

Watch your business through the eyes of professionals through our unique real-time Dashboard 


No more paper documents

Transfer of the documents through e-mail or face to face is not our style, we are innovative and do (near) everything paperless

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