Are you dealing with taxes or law for e-sport in Czech Republic?


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We are experts in the field of tax and law for e-sport, which is bringing challenging issues for all involved parties. We will gladly help you to know the ropes in the regulations for e-sport and keep you updated with all future changes and innovations. We will together analyse the current tax and law situation of your e-sport team and help you to set up all internal processes so they are in order with current tax and law legislation. Contact us, together we will be stronger!


Do you have players from Czech Republic
and other countries


Are you attending
tournaments in Czech Republic and also abroad?


Do you tax correctly
your prize money
and remuneration
for your players?

Have your financials of your team under the perfect control!

Thanks to our unique online financial Dashboard, you will have access to the financials of your team 24/7 through the modern user friendly graphical interface. You can either acces it from PC or Mac or even from your phone or tablet (we have an app for iOS and Android, for free)! 

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Without it, you will be confused as if you would be hit by a Smoke in CS:GO. You can also contact us with your issue
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Jakub Coufal

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Ing. Edita Štechová

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JUDr. Petr Mjartan

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